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Introducing our Personalised Thermal Ammo Pouch Flask, a compact and practical solution designed to fit comfortably in the ammo pouch of any PLCE (Personal Load Carrying Equipment). This flask, which can be used as a mug, creates the perfect Flug - a versatile companion for outdoor adventures or daily use.


With a capacity of 330ml, this thermal flask ensures that your favorite hot or cold beverage stays at the desired temperature for longer periods. Whether you're on a camping trip, hiking, or simply commuting, this flask is designed to keep you hydrated and refreshed.


The flask's durable construction and thermal insulation provide excellent heat retention, allowing you to enjoy a hot cup of tea or coffee even in the most challenging environments. The compact size and compatibility with PLCE ammo pouches make it a convenient and accessible choice for military personnel and outdoor enthusiasts alike.


Personalise your flask with a name, unit insignia, or custom design to add a touch of individuality. It also makes for a thoughtful gift for someone special.


Stay prepared and keep your beverage close at hand with our Personalised Thermal Ammo Pouch Flask. Embrace the functionality and convenience of this compact flask, designed to fit seamlessly into your PLCE equipment. Hydration on the go has never been this stylish and personalised.


AA - Flask Cup Wide Mouth

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