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For use when a various option payment is needed.  

Simply click the agreed payment amount  eg 10-1000

(agreed price is deliveed) so at checkout choose J McAlees for activate free delivery. 

include a full message,  (do not rely on a conversation)                 Example 1

agreed order with jim      5 x X!X displays. in hardwood  as per the picture in watts app,  in hardwood , i will get my own brass plates   cost agreed £xxxxxx for the 5 deliverd.  to be completed before feb 14th for a presentation on the 20th.                                                                                          Example 2                                                                                                                             As per agreed order with Rob, 20x placemats with Rob Paxxman minds logs as sent watts ap 20th , agreed price of £145 delivered  must be green coloured background,    


Custom Order Page

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