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Knife Sales Policy

Knife Sales Policy for All Arms PRI Ltd


At All Arms PRI Ltd, we are committed to adhering to UK laws and regulations governing the sale of knives. This policy outlines our compliance measures and procedures designed to ensure that we sell knives responsibly and legally. 


Legal Framework

The sale of knives in the UK is regulated under the Offensive Weapons Act 2019, which includes strict controls to prevent knives from being sold to minors and to reduce knife-related violence. All sales of knives through our platform are subject to these regulations. 


Age Verification 

In compliance with UK law, All Arms PRI Ltd implements stringent age verification checks to ensure that no knife is sold to anyone under the age of 18. The following measures are in place: 

- Age Verification at Point of Sale: Customers must confirm their age and agree to our terms stating they are of legal age to purchase a knife. 

- Proof of Age Required: A valid photographic ID (such as a passport or driver's license) must be presented by the customer at the time of delivery. The delivery personnel are instructed to perform an ID check to confirm the age before handing over the knife. 


Disclaimer for Age Verification 

"By placing an order for one of these items, you declare that you are 18 years of age or over. Knives must be used responsibly and appropriately. An age verification process will be conducted at the point of delivery where you will be required to show valid photo ID. Failure to comply will result in the item not being delivered."


Responsible Selling Practices 

- Staff Training: All staff involved in the sale or handling of knives are trained in compliance with the Offensive Weapons Act and understand the legal implications and moral responsibilities involved. 

- Product Listings: All listings for knives on our website include clear information on the intended legal use of the product and a reminder of the age requirement. 

- Customer Education: Information about safe and legal knife usage is provided on our website to promote responsible ownership and handling. 


Restrictions on Knife Types 

Certain types of knives and bladed products are restricted under UK law. All Arms PRI Ltd does not list banned knives for sale, adhering strictly to the legal definitions of permissible knives. 


Refusal of Sale 

All Arms PRI Ltd reserves the right to refuse the sale of a knife if there is reasonable belief that the sale would breach legal guidelines or if the buyer appears to be purchasing for illegal purposes. 


Record Keeping

Records of all knife sales are maintained in compliance with UK law, including details of the product sold, the buyer's proof of age, and any other pertinent transaction details. 


Reporting Concerns 

If you have any concerns about knife sales or wish to report a problem, please contact us at: 

- Email: 

- Phone: 01782479355 

- Address: All Arms PRI Ltd, Garners Garden Centre, Cemetery Road, Newcastle under Lyme, Staffordshire, ST56SH 


We take our commitment to legal compliance and social responsibility very seriously. All Arms PRI Ltd is dedicated to ensuring that our sales practices not only follow the law but also promote the safe and appropriate use of knives. Thank you for choosing All Arms PRI Ltd for your needs while respecting our dedication to safety and legality. 

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