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Add a touch of personalisation to your space with our Bespoke Solid Oak Shield. Whether it's for your man shed, lady lair, or even a corporate space, these shields lend an essence of individuality that transforms any area into your personal sanctuary.


Expertly crafted from English white oak, these shields are a testament to the beauty of natural material and the magic of fine craftsmanship. The wood's natural grain and texture offer a unique canvas for your custom design.


You simply provide us with your chosen design, be it military emblems, company details, sports teams, or a combination of these. Our skilled artisans will then expertly carve your design into the oak, etching a moment, a memory, or a symbol that is close to your heart, into a piece that will last a lifetime.


The shields measure H185 x W150 x D20 mm, making them a substantial yet not overwhelming addition to your space. Each piece is carefully treated and finished to highlight the oak's natural charm and durability.


The Bespoke Solid Oak Shield is more than just a décor item. It's a representation of what matters to you, masterfully brought to life by our skilled craftspeople.


Place your order and let us create a unique piece that speaks volumes about your personal or professional journey.

AA - Wooden Shield

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