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Elevate your writing experience with our Multifunctional Metal Pen in sleek black or silver finishes. This versatile pen is a true game-changer, combining functionality and style in one elegant package.

🖋️ Triple Ink System: Say goodbye to carrying multiple pens! Our multifunctional pen features black, red, and blue ink, all neatly contained within. Whether it's note-taking, sketching, or underlining, you have the perfect color at your fingertips.

✏️ Propelling Pencil: Need to switch to pencil mode? No problem! Simply twist the pen to reveal the propelling pencil for precise writing and sketching.

📝 Effortless Operation: Operating the pen is a breeze. Just hold it horizontally in your hand with your desired color or function facing upward, then press the button. Your selected color or the pencil lead will smoothly flow onto the page.

🎁 Perfect for Every Occasion: This multifunctional pen is a must-have for students, professionals, and creative minds. It's also a fantastic gift idea for anyone who appreciates the convenience of having all their writing tools in one stylish pen.

Upgrade your writing arsenal with our Multifunctional Metal Pen today. Experience the convenience of triple ink options and a propelling pencil, all in one chic design. Choose from black or silver and make writing a pleasure. Order now!

DMS - 4 Mode Pen

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