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Delve into the realm of fine spirits with our Bespoke Four Glass Whisky Set, expertly nestled in a fully customisable wooden display box. This handcrafted selection is the epitome of style, grace, and sophistication, tailored specifically to your taste for a truly unique drinking experience.


The set includes four top-grade whisky glasses, each one masterfully shaped from superior quality, lead-free crystal. The design of these glasses, with their substantial base and spacious bowl, enables your whisky to breathe, emphasising its rich aromas and complex flavours.


The star of this set, however, is undoubtedly the opportunity for personalisation. Our skilled artisans will carefully etch your chosen name or initials onto each glass, creating a personalised item that is as enduring as it is elegant. This tasteful touch elevates your whisky tasting experience, making it all the more personal and refined.


The customisation doesn't end there. Each set is presented in a robust wooden display box that can be tailored entirely to your specifications. Choose your preferred felt lining colour to create a striking contrast or a subtle match with the natural wooden hues. Our experienced craftsmen can engrave your personal message or design onto the box lid, giving it a truly unique character that makes it all the more special.


Every feature of this Bespoke Four Glass Whisky Set is thoughtfully designed, from the individual glass etching to the bespoke details of the display box, culminating in a one-of-a-kind creation that exudes elegance and personal touch.


Whether it's an extraordinary gift for a whisky enthusiast or a unique addition to your home bar collection, this set promises to deliver an unmatched sensory experience, adding a personal flair to every sip.


Note: To maintain the impeccable quality of your set, we recommend hand washing the glasses. Upon purchase, please provide your personalisation and customisation details.


Elevate your whisky journey with this personalised four glass set, meticulously crafted for those who appreciate the sophisticated pleasure of whisky tasting.

DMS - Four Glass Whisky Set Wooden Display Box

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