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Embrace the spirit of sophistication and luxury with our Personalised Whisky Glasses and Stones Set. Inspired by the glamour of the roaring '20s and presented in a customisable wooden box, this set elevates your whisky experience to an unparalleled level of elegance.


Included in this lavish set are two lustrous cut glass whisky glasses, designed with a touch of vintage charm and modern refinement. Their intricate cuts not only enhance their beauty but also allow the golden hues of your whisky to shine through, enriching your sensory experience.


Knowing that a good whisky should never be compromised by dilution, we've included 8 stainless steel whisky stones in our set. These whisky stones, stowed in your freezer until needed, ensure that your favourite tipple maintains its full-bodied flavour and optimal temperature without the added water from melting ice. The set also includes a pair of stainless steel tongs, making the handling of these stones an effortless task.


The star of the set is the beautifully crafted wooden box. Providing a safe storage solution for your glasses and stones, this box adds a touch of rustic elegance to the set. But the true magic of the box lies in its customisability - it can be engraved with your chosen design or message, making the set a unique keepsake or an unforgettable gift.


Our Personalised Whisky Glasses & Stones Set with Engraved Wooden Box is not just a whisky set, it's a celebration of the whisky culture - a fusion of traditional sophistication, modern design, and personal touch. Whether as an addition to your own collection or as a gift for a whisky enthusiast, this set is a stylish testament to your love for the finer things in life. Indulge in this luxurious set today and experience your whisky like never before.

BI-2 Glass Set & Wooden Box

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